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Our Projects

ProjectClientLocationContractor Type
Construction of Plant Modification Projects PMP 736, PMP 768 and PMP 790BOROUGERuwaisMain Contractor
EPC Project for Replacement/Upgrade of ZCSC Fuel Gas SystemADMA-OPCOOffshoreMain Contractor
Modification of Piping and Replacement of Existing Flow Meter and Provision of Utility Station at the top of GPRBOROUGERuwaisMain Contractor
Dismantling, transportation and storage of the Written-Off Equipment in Abu Dhabi RefineryTAKREERAbu Dhabi RefineryMain Contractor
EPC for Crossover Provision to convert 30″ MP Transfer Line from MP Duty to HP Duty for ILI Pigging ActivityGASCOHabshanMain Contractor
EPC Works for Borouge PO ISO Container Storage Yard ProjectBOROUGERuwaisMain Contractor
EPC Services for Fertil Jetty Ethylene Vapor Return ArmBOROUGERuwaisMain Contractor
Habshan 0 & 1 HP Steam Modification (PC)GASCOHabshanMain Contractor
Additional Handling Facilities for 10 PPM Gas Oil at Ruwais RefineryTAKREERRuwaisMain Contractor
Labelling of Pipelines in Process Units and Offsite Areas at Abu Dhabi RefineryTAKREERUmm Al NarMain Contractor
Construction Works for PP Power Trimming ProjectBOROUGERuwaisMain Contractor
Special Contract of Supply of Steel Piping, Fitting and Accessories for Mobile Polished Water Injection Skid to carryout Water Injectivity Test at PW38-MRC5HITACHI – MEGOGAS YardMain Contractor
Replacement of Drinking Water Pipelines in Ruwais RefineryTAKREERRuwaisMain Contractor
Replacement of 24″ Corroded Flare Line Itt No. Ftefe 1201ZADCOZirku IslandMain Contractor
Manufacturing of Block BranchesBOROUGERuwaisMain Contractor
Implementation of Operational Improvement to process units at Abu Dhabi Refinery (Takreer)LITWINAbu Dhabi RefinerySub Contractor
Provision of Temporary Site Execution Support for Shut Downs & Major Schemes (Offshore) on Call-Off basisADMA-OPCOOffshoreMain Contractor
Construction Service for Concrete Insitu Casing of Borouge 2 Sea Water Basin RuwaisBOROUGERuwaisMain Contractor
Inspection and Maintenance of Seawater Intakes Boom Structure in GUP at Ruwais RefineryTAKREERRuwaisMain Contractor
Foam System Replacement at Plant 27 and JettyADGASDas IslandMain Contractor
Replacement of Cooling Water Piping at GG LI – ZWSCADMA-OPCOZWSCMain Contractor
The Modification of Gas & Utilities Connections in Takreer Research Centre Laboratories & Pilot Plant HallTAKREERAbu Dhabi RefineryMain Contractor
Upgrade/Construction of Cab Kitchen and Restaurant Das IslandADMA-OPCODas IslandMain Contractor
Replacement of Cooling Water Line at ZWSC-PGBADMA-OPCOZWSCMain Contractor
Sectional Replacement of Drain GRE Headers at ASAB Rds’sADCOHabshanMain Contractor
Fabrication of Handrails for NSPZADCONSPMain Contractor
Inspection and Painting of Hydrogen Cylinders and Nitrogen Cylinders at Abu Dhabi RefineryTAKREERAbu Dhabi RefineryMain Contractor
EPC for Provision of Accommodation in Al Jimi Camp for 2012 Plant Overhaul at Das IslandADGASDas IslandMain Contractor
Construction of Exercise Room near Safety, Env. and Fire DepartmentTAKREERAbu Dhabi RefineryMain Contractor
Supply, fabrication, painting and delivery of Metal SkipsBOROUGEUAEMain Contractor
ACPT-2, Bilge Area Open Drain Piping ReplacementZADCOACPT-2Main Contractor
Supply of Material & Construction of Emergency Flushing Line for South Oil Trunk LineZADCOUAEMain Contractor
Rerouting/Extension of Existing Waste Line Outside Takreer Mussafah TerminalTAKREERMussafah TerminalMain Contractor
Fabrication of Boat Fenders for WHTS US-4 to US-10ADMA-OPCOUS4-US-10Main Contractor
Modification required for installation of new propane compressor motor with self contained purgins systemZADCOUAEMain Contractor
Manufacturing of Long Term Storage and Shipping ContainersGASCOHabshan / BabMain Contractor
Replacement of Marine Loading Arm & Other Accessories in Berth B at Ruwais RefineryTAKREERRuwais RefineryMain Contractor
Repair, renewal of flooring, flase ceiling wall lining panel at ZWSC/ZCSCADMA-OPCOZWSC/ZCSCMain Contractor
Improvement of Al Jimi Village Accommodation (ADGAS)ADGASDas IslandMain Contractor
Upgrade of Swdp 20″ Corroded Carbon Stell Dewatering Line with GREADMA-OPCODas IslandMain Contractor
Train-3 Main Cryogenic Heat Exchanger (MCHE) Replacement Project, Dismantling of Mechanical, Insulation & E&I Items from old MCHE ADGASADGASDas Island EPCMain Contractor
Hiring of Manpower for six monthsZADCOCentral Complex (Offshore)Main Contractor
Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of a completely New Marine Loading Arm (260-VLA-40) in Berth E at Ruwais Refinery TakreerTAKREERRuwais JettyMain Contractor
Inspection of Ruwais Marine Terminal TakreerTAKREERRuwais JettyMain Contractor
Inspection of Takreer GUP Sea Water Intake and Maintenance of Boom and Accessories Sand Trap Cleaning at Sea Water No. 1 & 2 in GUP Takreer RefineryTAKREERAbu Dhabi RefineryMain Contractor
New Sulphur Rundown Line at Das IslandADGASDas IslandMain Contractor
Replacement of Instrument Air Network at GTP & CSP in Central ComplexZADCOCentral Complex (Offshore)Main Contractor
Modification of 24″ Coanda Relief HeaderADMA-OPCODas IslandMain Contractor
Replacement of Old Roof Sheets for Old BOG, VRU and Train 2 Plant 6MCR CompressorADGASDas IslandMain Contractor
EPC Contract for Upgrade of Corrosion Injection Skids in Das IslandADGASDas IslandMain Contractor
Installation of MPP Package at WHPT – 04 UADZADCOOffshore PlatformsMain Contractor
Replacement of Fuel Gas Filter Seperator at UAD CPC on EPC BasisZADCOOffshore PlatformsMain Contractor
Helicopter Jet Fuel Daily Tank Jettison System ModificationZADCOOffshore PlatformsMain Contractor
Installation of Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing System at NSPZADCOOffshore PlatformsMain Contractor
Inspection and Maintenance of Oil Contaminant Boom Structure at Abu Dhabi Refinery Sea Water OutfallTAKREERAbu Dhabi RefineryMain Contractor
Pre-fabrication of Pipe Spools for Intelligent Pigging at 19WHPTsZADCOOffshore PlatformsMain Contractor
USSC – Installation of Atmospheric Vent for TA Glycol GeneratorADMA-OPCOOffshore Umm ShaifMain Contractor
Marine Barge Equipped with Crane Operator and Rigging Team for repair of 3 nos. Marine Jetty Loading Arm at Ruwais Refiney JettyTAKREERRuwais RefineryMain Contractor
New Portacabin for Officers at ACPT-1, 2 & CCZADCOOffshore PlatformsMain Contractor
411-K-001 Cooling Water Piping Replacement at Satah Plant in Zirku IslandZADCOZirku IslandMain Contractor
Replacement of Oily Water Sewer System at Abu Dhabi RefineryTAKREERAbu Dhabi RefineryMain Contractor
Quantification Works for Structural & Painting at Umm Al Dalkh WHPZADCOOffshore PlatformsMain Contractor
Replacement of Flare Tip of 425H002B at Zirku IslandZADCOZirku IslandMain Contractor
Chloride Guard Bed for Unit No. 13 in Ruwais RefineryTAKREERRuwais RefineryMain Contractor
Re-roofing of Central Workshop at Das IslandADGASDas IslandMain Contractor
WIP-PGP Overboard Drain Lines ReplacementZADCOOffshore Upper ZakumMain Contractor
Repair of Damaged Boat Landing at Satah WHP-2ZADCOOffshore Satah FieldMain Contractor
Installation of New Pig Traps on 8″ Oil Production Flow Line between WHPTS PS-76 & PS-84ZADCOOffshore WHPSMain Contractor
Replacement of Corroded Sea Water Drain Piping System (Water Injection) and Relocation of Carbon Steel Closed Drain Piping SystemZADCOUmm Al Dalkh Central ComplexMain Contractor
6 Inch Bypass for Kerosene Feed Coalescer Outlet to filter in Merox Unit at Abu Dhabi RefineryTAKREERAbu Dhabi RefineryMain Contractor
Dismantling and Removal of Redundant Fixed Equipment, Piping and Associated Accessories at Abu Dhabi RefineryTAKREERAbu Dhabi RefineryMain Contractor
Flare / Fuel Gas Metering Facilities Installation of Ultrasonic & Orifice Type Flow Meters at CC & SatellitesZADCOCentral Complex (Offshore)Main Contractor
Replacement of 7 nos. Pedestal Crane at Takreer Marine Jetty TerminalTAKREERRuwaisMain Contractor
Tank Bottom Plate Replacement (Crude Tank No. 1)ZADCOZirku IslandMain Contractor
Modification of Piping System for Parallel Operation at ZADCO CPCZADCOCPC, Umm Al Dalkh (Offshore)Main Contractor
Procurement, install, repair & miscellaneous jobs at Ruwais Marine Jetty and Sulphur Terminal Jetty Phase IITAKREERRuwaisMain Contractor
Debubbler Tank 8″ Vent Lines Modification and Replacement of Drain Lines on Chemical Skid at CC WIP from SS to GREZADCOCentral Complex (Offshore)Main Contractor
Access Platforms at various plant locations, Protection Sheds, Process Lines Protection and Refurbishment of Riser Supports ArrangementADGASDas IslandMain Contractor
Oil Spill Containment Boom Structure Repair & Maintenance at Takreer, Umm Al NarTAKREERUmm Al NarMain Contractor
Replacement of Flare Tip at Zirku IslandZADCOZirku IslandMain Contractor
Reclamation of Land in the Sea and Construction of Marine Jetty in the reclaimed land for Private DepartmentPrivate Dept., Abu Dhabi GovernmentOffshoreMain Contractor
Al Jimi Camp Additional Accommodation (Total 30 nos. caravans installed)ADGASDas IslandMain Contractor
Replacement of Overboard Drain Lines (20″ x 24″ GRE Lines) at Central ComplexZADCOCentral Complex (Offshore)Main Contractor
Demolition of Plant & Machineries at GASCO, HabshanGASCOHabshanMain Contractor
Relocation of Warehouse (120 x 36 mm) and Misc. Civil Works in Um Al Nar RefineryTAKREERUmm Al NarMain Contractor
Waste Handling Facilities at Das IslandADGASDas IslandMain Contractor
Temporary Pentane Storage Facilities and Demolition of Tank 501 & 501 at Das IslandADGASDas IslandMain Contractor
Replacement of Fender at Production Platform in Bunduq offshore fieldBUNDUQBunduqMain Contractor
Al Jimi Camp Additional Accommodation (Total 100 caravans installed)ADGASDas IslandMain Contractor
Renew platform gratings in Train 1 and Train 2ADGASDas IslandMain Contractor
Hire of Manpower & EquipmentADGASDas IslandMain Contractor
Refurbishment of Berthing Dolphins No. 1 & 5 at ADGAS Marine JettyADGASDas IslandMain Contractor
Procurement, install, repair & painting jobs at Ruwais Marine Jetty and Sulfur Terminal JettyTAKREERRuwaisMain Contractor
Inspection of Marine Terminal and Sulfur JettiesTAKREERRuwaisSub Contractor
Fabricate & install Air Supply Manifolds at WHP’sZADCOSatah Field (Offshore)Main Contractor
Utilization of Satah facilities.  Test separator piping and commissioning at WHP 8ZADCOSatah Field (Offshore)Main Contractor
Utilization of Satah facilities.  Test separator piping and commissioning at WHP 2, 3 & 6ZADCOSatah Field (Offshore)Main Contractor
Installation of 3rd ManifoldZADCOUmm Al Nar (Offshore)Main Contractor
Salvage of Sunken Ship from Umm Al Nar ChannelTARGET/ADWEAUmm Al Nar (Offshore)Main Contractor
Dismantling / Removal of FD Fan Houses for Boilers in Train 1 & 2ADGASDas IslandMain Contractor
Supply, fabricate, erect, test & commission all piping related to DCS ProjectGASCORuwais (Plant Piping)Sub Contractor
Provide WPS, PQR and carryout welding of 2 nos. C.S. Split Tee for Hot Tapping related to Installation of Fueld & Vent Gas Pipeline at ADCOADCO/GASCOAsab (Onshore Field)Sub Contractor
Installation of Residue Gas Line for Fire Training GroundGASCOBuhassa (Onshore)Main Contractor
Replacement of 30″ Leaking Tee.  Shutdown workGASCOBuhassa (Plant Piping)Main Contractor
Debottlenecking of MP Fuel Gas Line at GP & P DivisionADNOCHabshan (Plant Piping)Main Contractor
Inspection of Sulfur Loading Platform by AbselingADGASDas IslandSub Contractor
Construction of BreakwaterH.E. Sheikh Ahmed Bin HamedMechased IslandMain Contractor
Construction of Marine JettyH.E. Sheikh Ahmed Bin HamedHanoura IslandMain Contractor
Construction of BreakwaterMohammed Bin MasaoodFataer IslandMain Contractor
Demolition of Sahil A Restaurant Building and Supporting Marine ServicesADMA-OPCODas IslandMain Contractor
Power Supply to Radar BuildingUAE Armed ForcesAl Dafra Air BaseMain Contractor
Structural Inspection & Maintenance of Ruwais JettyADNOCRuwaisSub Contractor
Demolition of Storage TanksADMA-OPCODas IslandMain Contractor
Demolition of Plant & Storage TanksADGASDas IslandMain Contractor
Demolition of LPG/LNG Storage TanksADGASDas IslandSub Contractor