Fabrication Yard

Fabrication Yard

GOGAS has a Fabrication Yard located in plot No. 9-91 in Mussaffah industrial areas of Abu Dhabi emirates.

The Yard provides the following services to our Client:

  • Preparing of workshop drawings for piping and steel structure.
  • Fabrication of piping works (piping spools).
  • Fabrication of steel structure.
  • Sand blasting  painting of the piping  Steel Structures.
  • Marine Engines repairs and overhauls.
  • Specialized Inspection Services and Non-Destructive Testing

Types of Technology Used:

  • Specialization of refurbishment and modification of large size Tanks apart from building new Tanks, GOGAS also undertakes dismantling of complete plants including equipments /  instruments / tanks, etc.
  • Plant modification work in congested working plants and adopt stringent safety measures as demanded by the hydrocarbon industry.
  • GOGAS projects entails subcontracting with various Technology Partners such as but not limited to Fire  Gas Systems, Emergency Shutdown Systems ( ESD).
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA ),
  • Process Control Systems, High Performance
  • Coriolis Measurement Systems (Metering Skids ), Fuel Loading Systems for Road Tankers, Loading Arms